Grades K-1

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Kindergarten and 1st grade children learn through play, following directions, movement, team-work, body awareness, storytelling, and expression of ideas! At Wonderland we strive to create an environment that encourages creativity through play by using a variety of tactile learning tools along with challenging, fun cognitive exercises. We have studied what children in this age group respond well to over our many years of experience in teaching the arts. Our Intro to Performing Arts Class is the perfect hybrid of music, creative movement, acting, and following directions. Our dance classes will provide your child with the beginning ballet and tap skills along with a focus on body awareness that will give them a head-start in the world of performing arts. Private piano lessons are also available to children in this age group. Your child is sure to love the challenges and adore the relationships they build with their classmates, and the self-awareness they discover through our IPA classes!