Alex Brightman
Alex Brightman is a two-time Tony Award nominee and writer living in New York City. He has been seen on Broadway in Beetlejuice, School of Rock, Matilda, Big Fish, Wicked, and Glory Days. On television, he has appeared in Documentary Now!, Royal Pains, The Good Fight, Important Things w/ Demetri Martin, and SMILF. You can see Alex this year in the upcoming film, Here Today, starring Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish. He teaches audition confidence training across New York City and across the country, with a unique focus on the abnormality of "the audition" and how to set yourself up for continued success in the business.

Class Description:
Auditioning is terrifying. Why? Because auditioning, by the very nature of it, is abnormal. It's all variables. There are so many things you cannot control when you step into a room. So why not strengthen the things you CAN control? Alex, a self-proclaimed "audition obsessive," can help actors of all comfort levels. Using the "32-bar audition class" aesthetic, Alex will help you focus on what's truly important in the audition room. Here's a's almost never about booking the job. Being an actor is a full-time job that you rarely get paid for, so why not sharpen your skills and give yourself the best shot at making fans of everyone in the room? Using a combination of audition technique, confidence building, debunking classic audition myths, and a strong focus on lyric interpretation, Alex can help you be a smarter actor in those rooms that often feel so daunting. It's not about being a better's about being a smarter auditioner.

What should I bring to class?:
Come prepared with 32 bars of a REHEARSED, age appropriate audition song. Have an accompaniment track ready to play & sing along with. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled in and make sure your audio and video is working properly. Please have your 32-bar cut ready to go with either a karaoke track or a pre-recorded piano track of the accompaniment. You will be playing the track on your end on either your phone or a speaker while you sing! You cannot play your track on the device you are Zooming on. It makes it very difficult for us to hear you this way, so it is best to play your track on either your phone if you are Zooming on your laptop, or on a speaker if you have one!

When: Saturday July 18th 1:30pm-3:00pm cst
Where: via Zoom
Age: 12-Adult
Participant fee: $100
Observer fee: $30
**Observers will NOT be allowed to participate in the class, they will observe only**