Big Kids: 7-10


  • Wonder Play: Creative Stage Play & Movement - Ages 7-10:Wonder Play for Ages 7-10 will explore improvisation, scripted monologues & scenes, movement for the actor, poetry, songs, games, puppetry, exploration & more for beginner actors.
  • Leadership through Improv: Improv, Skits, Open Scenes, & Writing Class- Ages 9+: Humans love to make up stories! We love to improvise & communicate. You already improvise and communicate everyday, we will just help you get better at it. This class's interactive exercises build listening and communication skills, heighten awareness, and teach you how to to be more playful, spontaneous and flexible. Join Mr. Gerren Benoit to see what you can come up with both scripted & on the fly! "True belonging does not require you to change who you are; it requires you to be who you are." - Brené Brown 
  • Scenes & Monologues: Acting Class - Ages 9+: Ready to dive into a great script? Bring stories to life with Mr. Martin for Scenes & Monologues Class for the Intermediate level. This class will concentrate on delivering monologues alone on stage & also small group work.


  • Wonder Way: Musical Theatre Class - Ages 8+: Needs 1-3 years of experience of acting, dance, and/or music lessons. This class is best for kids who are looking to learn about the realm of Musical Theatre. Students will learn Musical Theatre History and a variety of Musical Theatre scenes and numbers from All-Time Broadway Favorites! 


  • Movement for the Stage: Dance & Audition Technique – Ages 8-18: Are you a singer or an actor who wants to fine-tune your knowledge about dance? Do you want to learn to dance & move for the stage without committing to a dance recital? This class is for you! Learn safe, healthy dance techniques you can use in auditions for musical theatre or just for fun! 
  • Broadway Beats – Ages 6-18: Learn modern dance with Broadway flare, hip-hop, and jazz!
  • Wonder Tap - Beginner/Intermediate Tap Skills – Ages 7+: Want to have happy feet? Learn & perfect your beginner/intermediate tap skills with Mrs. Allison! 
  • Wonder Yoga - Ages 7-13: Kindling maturing independence and expanding minds, these classes encourage a deeper sense of body awareness, self-exploration and interpersonal skills. Sequences include balancing poses, breathing exercises and creative-deep relaxation and meditation techniques as well as self-reflection. Yoga games inspire positive peer interactions that are sure to carry into their everyday lives. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga.
  • Yoga for Performers - Ages 9+: Expanding minds and maturing bodies come together through independent and group activities that stimulate physical strength, emotional balance and self-confidence. Classes integrate traditional yoga poses, flowing sequences, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and meditation techniques as well as self-reflection. Students will gain a deeper understanding of breath, mindfulness, and sense of self. 


  • Wonder Pop – Ages 8-18: Our instructor, Mia Montero is a pop singer with songs on Spotify and iTunes. She is sharing her knowledge in instruments including voice, guitar, and percussion. Bringing your own instrument is not required, however if you have a guitar you are welcome to bring it. Join this class to become a part of a pop music group!
  • Piano Wonders: Beginner Group Piano – Ages 8-14: Piano lessons for beginners.
  • Wonder Voices - Group Voice – Ages 6-14: Wonder Voices Class is a great opportunity for singers to learn musical knowledge about the voice and vocal health with students their age in a pressure-free, group environment.


  • Stage Design: Building Sets & Props - Visual Arts – Ages 9+: Work behind the scenes building props & set pieces for our stage productions in this class! This is a great class for kids & teens who want to bring the visual aspects of the theatre to life! Learn from amazing teachers who use painting, sketching, shading, & sculpture to build our production sets and props! **Please note this class will take place at Wonderland's Warehouse and NOT at the studio**
  • Wonder Crafts Class: Ages 8+: It is okay to be a beginner at something because you get to discover it for the first time! This class builds on a foundation that can take you into a whole new world. Dream of headbands, flowers, knitted 3D animals, necklaces, bracelets, take home theatrical props and more! Ms. Emolyn can help you achieve what you want to create! You will need to provide your own supplies to take this class. Supply list coming soon.

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